Supplying the Australian mining industry

As a subsidiary of Eickhoff Bergbautechnik GmbH founded in Germany, Eickhoff Australia Pty Ltd have been supplying the Australian mining industry with Longwall Shearer Loaders for the underground (coal) mining industry for almost 40 years.

Utilising the same technology and manufacturing techniques deployed in our mining products, Eickhoff also design, manufacture, supply and service industrial gearboxes, including wind turbines for the renewable energies sector throughout the World.

Eickhoff Workshop

Underground Mining

The Eickhoff Shearer Loader range of machines are the product of 156 years of unparalleled experience in the design, manufacture and service of the world’s most reliable and productive mining machines.

Industrial Gearboxes

The new Eickhoff planetary gearboxes are designed according to a modular principle. Their distinguished characteristics involve their increased high power density and their compactness.

Test Bench


Committed to support its customers in a joint effort to achieve optimal machine availability through support platforms such as maintenance and cost per tonne agreements tailored to customer preference.



Eickhoff Australia deploy the highest and most exacting standards in every area of the business. Our inspection and testing standards meet and exceed all known industry standards, as could be expected with such a highly technical and advanced product range.

Gearbox Assembly


The fact that we manufacture to the highest quality standards really pays off for our customers. They know they can rely on very low downtimes and outstanding efficiency, from equipment with extremely long service lives.